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Introducing the “trousse Bébé francophone”

Our welcome kit for new and future parents gets a makeover!
For several years, the Fédération des parents has offered a free welcome kit for Francophone families who are expecting a baby, or who have welcomed a baby in the last 12 months. Formerly called “Francophone aux couches,” this kit has recently had a makeover!
Easier than ever to order, thanks to a new form online, the trousse Bébé francophone contains a range of resources in French, including:
  • the practical guide Donner toutes les chances à son bébé produced by the BC government;
  • the BC Passeport santé de l’enfant, to record information on the baby’s health;
  • information about birth and the care of young children; 
  • the Grandir CB mc collection, which offers a host of fun activities to stimulate young children’s development
  • a CD of songs for children; 
  • and many other surprises for parents and their babies!
In addition, the trousse Bébé francophone includes resources designed specifically for families where one parent does not speak French.
Tell new and future parents in your community about this kit! To order the kit, they just have to go to the Fédération des parents francophones de Colombie-Britannique website – – and fill in the online form. The kit will be delivered to them at home for free.