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“Parents’ Association of the Year”

L’APÉ de l’école Au-cœur-de-l’île

Every year at the Fédération des parents conference a parents’ association receives the Parents’ Association of the Year award. For 2012/13, l’école Au-cœur-de l’île APÉ in Comox has won this honour.

The dynamism of this association is a highlight; notably, they set up a daycare and after-school program in response to the needs of families in the region. In addition, the APÉ organizes events that attract extensive community involvement, and it supports, through successful fundraising campaigns, several outings and special activities from which all the school’s classes benefit.

Claudia Vachon, Vice-President of the APÉ, received the Commission nationale des parents francophones award from Marie-Pierre Lavoie, the Acting President of the Fédération des parents. Congratulations to l’école Au-cœur-de l’île APÉ, and keep up the good work!