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ExTeam Workshop

A workshop for non francophone parents whose children attend a Francophone school

This workshop has been developed and is facilitated by Anglophone parents whose children attend a Francophone school. During the workshop, the facilitator will share his or her experiences and knowledge with the participants and will introduce the concept of "exogamy" — when a couple is comprised of a francophone and a non francophone parent.

Each participant to the workshop will receive a copy of Fusion — the exogamous families' guide to the world of Francophone education.

This two-hour workshop can be offered on a weeknight (evening) or on a Saturday (during the day).

On the program:
• Introduction
• Activity, personal reflection
• Small group discussions
• Plenary discussion
• Conclusion

Ask your APÉ (PAC) president to book a workshop for your school. A minimum attendance of 5 parents is recommended.

For further information, contact the Fédération des parents francophones by phone at 604-736-5056 or 1-800-905-5056 (toll-free), or by email at:

EXTeam flyer